Benefits Of Alfalfa Sprouts

10 Amazing Benefits Of Alfalfa Sprouts

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The health benefits of alfalfa sprouts are amazing. This food is suitable for those who are on diet program because the sprouts are able to increase the supply of nutrients, low in calories and has a delicious flavor.

Alfalfa sprouts are also good for preventing aging, losing weight, maintaining digestive health, controlling blood sugar, even good for healthy bones, heart, and lowering bad cholesterol.

This sprouts are also able to increase estrogen is useful for women’s health in preventing menopause and regulate menstruation.

What IsĀ Alfalfa Sprouts

This sprout is a young seedling of the alfalfa plant, in scientific language called “medicago sativa”. This is a vegetable from the Middle East, usually in the vegetable when young (sprouts).

When the old leaves are bitter so not many who consume them, while sprouts have a lighter taste. In addition to vegetables, alfalfa sprouts can be added to the salad, sand-witch, as topping, soup and various other foods.

Nutritional Facts of Alfalfa

Alfalfa sprouts high in mineral content, including phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin A. Among the types of B vitamins are thiamin, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid.

In 33gram alfalfa already contains 13% daily vitamin K intake, but this is very low in calories, it is only 7.6 calories and has a very low glycemic index. Alfalfa sprouts are also loaded with bioactive compounds such as saponins, phytoestrogens, flavonoids, alkaloids, coumarin, phytosterols and amino acids.

Health Benefits Of Alfalfa Sprouts

Here are some benefits of alfalfa sprouts for a very well known health. Let’s check one by one.

1. Lower the risk of cancer

Alfalfal benefits for Lower the risk of cancerAlfalfa sprout contains antioxidants, phytoestrogens that work to balance hormones, reduce inflammation, and prevent the formation of cancer cells. So, it is very important to include these sprouts into the daily diet such as salad or cake topping.

2. Treat menopause and irregular menstruation

This is thanks to the high content of phytoestrigen and vitamin K in alfalfa which is useful for balancing the hormone estrogen. In turn will reduce the symptoms associated with menopausal hormones.

As for menstruation, alfalfa contain many vitamin K is useful to freeze blood. This will prevent uncontrolled menstrual bleeding.

3. Lose weight

As told at the beginning of the article, that alfalfa sprouts are useful for weight loss. These foods are low in calories and high in fiber content that is useful to provide a longer satiety. This will prevent you from increasing the portion of the meal.

In addition, the vitamin works to increase the body’s metabolism so that the process of burning fat becomes faster. However, you are not recommended to eat in excessive portions. Alfalfa if in excessive eating can cause toxicity.

4. Preventing diabetes

Alfalfa sprout for Preventing diabetesFurthermore, alfalfa’s health benefit is to prevent diabetes. For those who experience diabetes symptoms is very good to consume alfalfa sprouts.

Fiber content is able to regulate glucose and insulin remain balanced. Eating sprouts regularly is good for preventing metabolic syndrome and other bad symptoms associated with diabetes.

5. Lowering bad cholesterol

The results of research in the past states that consuming alfalfa sprouts can reduce the level of bad cholesterol. This news is very useful for those who have potential for coronary heart disease.

Sprout work to remove plaque and fat that clog the arteries and blood vessels, this can also prevent heart attacks and stroke risk.

6. Boost immunity

Vitamin C is beneficial for boosting immunity and in a piece of alfalfa sprouts already contains nearly 15% daily requirement. Vitamin C will stimulate the formation of white blood cells that are good for immune and prevent infection and inflammation.

7. Improve digestive health

Fiber is very important for body to maximize digestion and ease stool expenditure. Alfalfa sprouts contain fiber in high capacity, it is known to reduce constipation and diarrhea.

In fact, alfalfa is known to prevent colorectal cancer.

8. Osteoporosis

One of the best benefits of alfalfa sprouts is to prevent osteoporosis. This is because the sprouts are rich in iron, copper, calcium, vitamin K. So, taking alfalfa regularly is beneficial for lowering and preventing early osteoporosis.

9. Increase Metabolism

Alfalfa sprouts contain lots of B vitamins that can increase the body’s metabolism significantly. This will keep the continuity of the enzyme and hormones remain smooth and this affects the body functions.

10. Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts for Skin

Alfalfa sprouts claimed have amazing benefits for skin health because it contains high antioxidants. That is, those who diligently consume alfalfa will avoid premature aging such as the appearance of wrinkles on the face, and sagging skin.

Another benefit of alfalfa is to stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair because it contains protein. In addition, this sprouts are also able to accelerate the healing of heavy wounds vitamin k content in his possession.

However, the side effects of too much vitamin K is a cause of heart problems due to excessive clotting of blood.

Alfalfa Sprouts Benefits Hair

Among the benefits of alfalfa sprouts for hair is that it can restore the beauty and health of your hair by:

– grow hair

The content of vitamins A, B1, B6, E, C and K is enough to play a role in hair care. While vitamins C and E are useful in increasing the flow of nutrients to the hair roots.

– Overcoming hair loss

The benefits of alfalfa sprouts for hair in preventing hair loss. It is well known for its anti hair loss supplements.

The high nutritional content of alfalfa is great for strengthening hair follicles and keeping your hair strong.

– Hair Health

With increased nutrition to the hair roots, making the hair stronger, so with this the benefits of alfalfa for hair health can be obtained easily. You only need to eat alfalfa every day in moderation. How to consume alfalfa sprouts? we will explain later!

– Baldness

Alfalfa sprouts not only contain nutrients from vitamins as we mentioned in the bag. However, this crunchy vegetable also contains a number of minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, carotene and folate.

Baldness has a relationship with a lack of nutrients such as zinc, iron, because both stimulate hair growth. Alfalfa sprouts also contain silica which is useful in preventing hair loss and baldness.

– Scalp Health

Eating alfalfa also promotes better scalp health. It’s also a source of protein even if we don’t call it a high-protein vegetable. However, the protein content can encourage hair growth on the scalp.

How to Eat Alfalfa Sprouts, Is it Safe?

How to Eat Alfalfa vegetableAn easy way to eat alfalfa sprouts is to make them as juice. How to make juice is very easy, you can take about 15 or 16 handfuls of alfalfa sprouts and blend it with several ingredients such as cucmber, parsley, carrot, and lemon juice. This will enhance the taste and add nutritional value to your alfalfa.

In addition, you can also make alfalfa sprouts salad, just by adding it in your salad, this is enough to add nutrition.

There are also those who consume alfalfa by drinking alfalfa sprouts tea. You can buy alfalfa tea at the grocery store.

There are also in the form of pills and supplements, but before you eat alfalfa sprouts in pill or supplement form, you should first consult with your doctor.

If you ask us “is it safe to eat alfalfa sprouts” or not? About the safe in eating this vegetable, sure as long as you eat it a normal amount, you will always on the safe track.

Alfalfa Side Effects

Alfalfa contains large amounts of vitamin K, and the benefit of vitamin K is to clot blood. If you are taking blood thinners, don’t eat alfalfa sprouts because they are contradictory.

Likewise if you suffer from autoimmune disease or are pregnant. If you really want to eat this vegetable, then consult your doctor.

Another side effect of alfalfa sprouts is the possibility of becoming infected with Salmonella and E. coli. So if you buy this vegetable, choose one that is still fresh and healthy. Even better if you grow your own at home or make your own.