Excellent Benefits of "gold kiwi fruit"

Excellent Benefits of “gold kiwi fruit”

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Excellent Benefits of “gold kiwi fruit” – Kiwifruit has a sweet and sour taste, it makes a lot of people enamored with kiwi fruit, sour taste is the same as the green kiwi fruit, but gold kiwi fruit benefits more than the green kiwi fruit. The content of vitamin C in kiwi gold, 3 x content of vitamin C in citrus fruits. Even more special, nutrition of the gold kiwi fruit as well as nutrition of 10 apples.

Results of research conducted by the University of Otago found that eating a gold kiwifruit much as two times a day can improve mood, reduce fatigue and depression, and can raise the spirit.

Awesome Benefits of gold kiwi fruit

According to Dr. dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono, MSc. MS. Sp.GK, clinical nutrition specialist from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, said that: gold kiwi fruit contains vitamin C and high fiber, antioxidants, minerals, vitamin E and a variety of other nutrients. Gold kiwifruit contains high fiber even equivalent to a bowl of cereal.

What are the benefits of the fruit “kiwi gold” for health? Let us consider the following review.

1. Assist the metabolic processes.

High fiber content helps the process of metabolism, especially when getting old age and an ability of metabolism decreases. Even the gold kiwi fruit useful for those who are following a diet program, because the gold kiwi is low in calories (57 kcal/100 g).

2. Improve the immune system.

Gold kiwi fruit benefits to boost immunity. With a high content of vitamin C, which is 3x larger than oranges with the same weight ratio, gold kiwi fruit can help boost the immune system to prevent the body from disease.

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3. Reduce fatigue and increase energy.

Because of the high content of vitamin C, the fruit may help reduce fatigue and increase energy. Gold kiwifruit can also help keep the elderly’s body stay healthy and fit.

4. Keeping sugar levels.

The health Benefits kiwi gold to keep sugar levels. One of the advantages is the gold kiwi fruit has a low glycemic index, making it safe for consumption for diabetics. Because, do not play a role in increasing the sugar content.

5. Source of nutrition for pregnant women.

Folic acid content consumed by mothers who want to become pregnant or are in the early stages of pregnancy.

6. A source of nutrients for child growth

Another benefit of gold kiwifruit that helps the growth of children. So, it is suitable for consumption by children in infancy to prevent them from disease, as well as accelerate the absorption of iron.

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