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Apple Tree Leaves, How to Identify?

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Apple Tree Leaves, How to Identify? The apple tree is said to be included in the family of rose plants. The leaves of apple trees have certain characteristics such as falling in the winter, the shape of jagged at the edges, in some circumstances apple leaves can turn into brown.

Here are some things about Apple Tree Leaves

1. Size
The apple tree does not have large leaves like leaves of teak or mango leaves. Usually the apple leaf measuring only 1.5 to 3 inches. But there are also types of apples that have large leaves up to 4 inches.

2. Color
Apple leaves have a rather dark color at the top, while the bottom surface is more green. There are several types of apple leave is green slightly yellow.

3. Form apple leaves
Many of Apple leaves are oval shape. But there are also apple tree leaves are round and wedge-shaped.

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4. Leaves Stems
Apple leaf stalks downy. According to the “Audubon Society Field Guide to Trees”. In southern crabapple, petiole hairy when young stems, if the trunk is old it will miss this mark.

5. The unique fact of apple tree leaves
Apples are included in the “ornamental crabapple” have different characteristics with apples in general. Because of some kind has leaves with three lobes.

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