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9 Dates Health Benefits

by Sarah Syakira

Dates Health benefits – Dates are famous fruit from Saudi Arabia, the fruit also exists in several other countries in the Middle East. Dates are not only excellent as a source of energy but also has health benefits that are used in a variety of medical therapies.

The dates health benefits can be obtained optimally if regularly taken every day. You can consume only a few in a day.

9 Dates Health Benefits

Here are some dates health benefits based on the content in the dates fruit as quoted from various sources. Hope it is useful

1. Prevent Cancer

Dates are fruits that are rich in antioxidants; the content is very beneficial for health in counteracting free radicals that cause cell abnormalities. Regularly consume dates fruit is the right way to prevent cancer.

2. Rich in fiber

High fiber content in dates makes the fruit is excellent for digestion. Fiber is an important element that the body needs to move the stool well so quickly excreted from the body. Not only that but the health benefits of dates are also useful for lowering cholesterol in the body.

3. Tanin

Tannins are essential minerals that commonly obtained in some food, including dates. Tannins are also useful as antioxidants that are beneficial for preventing infection and also acts as an anti-inflammatory.

4. Iron

Dates health benefits due to iron content. Iron is an essential mineral for the health of the blood so that it can lead to iron deficiency anemia.

5. Rich in calcium

Calcium content in dates makes the fruit exquisite for healthy teeth and bones. Calcium is an essential substance for health. Also, calcium that get in dates is also magnificent for muscle contraction.

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6. Content of Manganese

In the dates fruit also contains manganese. Do you know what it is manganese? Manganese is a substance that is rich in antioxidant enzymes and can prevent cancer cells.

7. Magnesium

Dates health benefits of magnesium content were also equal to the benefits of calcium that helps build bones and teeth and maintain their health.

8. Containing Copper

Copper is another substance found in palm fruit, copper become important material because it can produce red blood cells. So copper play a role in balancing blood cells.

9. Rich in vitamins

Palm fruit also contains vitamins essential for a healthy body. Among the vitamins included in the palm fruit is a B-complex, vitamin K and vitamin A. So, the health benefits of palm fruit also can keep the skin and eyes.

Similarly, these are some of the dates health benefits on the body that we have to know. This great benefit will be obtained when consumed regularly. Daily consumption is better than taking a dates in large quantities, but only occasionally.

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