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7 Lemon Juice Benefits for Hair

by Sarah Syakira

Lemon juice benefits for hair – Lemon is a fruit that is very good for health and beauty. One of the benefits of lemon juice is for hair health. Lemon is a good source of vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. When all of these substances are used in the hair, the hair growth will be stimulated and help eliminate dandruff.

If you want to use lemon juice as a natural ingredient for healthy hair, you should use and mix the other ingredients so that the acidity of the lemon juice does not make your hair becomes dry. For example, you can add honey, rose water, whites egg into lemon juice.

Only by allowing the lemon juice a few minutes on your hair, then your hair will look healthier and more beautiful. Here are some lemon juice benefits for hair health.

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Lemon Juice Benefits for Hair Health

1. Caring scalp

One of the remarkable benefits of lemon are capable of caring for the scalp of a variety of leftover dead skin. This is a beautiful gift from nature to us. Take lemon and split into two parts. Use as a natural ingredient to massage the scalp for 5 minutes and rinse with clean water. Lemon removes dead skin cells and relieve the itching of the scalp and provide savory smell on your scalp.

2. Smooth and straighten hair

Another lemon juice benefits for hair is polished hair straightening. Ways of making this herb is by taking 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and put in a bowl, squeeze the juice of one lemon. Combine these two ingredients in the refrigerator, after cold and turn into a paste, apply evenly on your hair, comb with a wide-toothed comb. Let stand for 15 minutes. This simple trick will transform your hair into smooth rough, and change your hair to be straight.

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3. Getting rid of dandruff

Dandruff is a health problem that has always been the enemy of hair for everyone. Here we will share how to get rid of dandruff with lemon juice. Enter the lemon juice in a bowl, mix a little water and apply this mixture with your hands into the hair and scalp evenly. The nature of the acid in the lemon juice would eliminate dandruff and hair follicles in a short time.

4. Lemon juice benefits for hair growth

Lemon juice benefits for hair growth can be obtained easily. The trick is by mixed the olive oil, coconut oil, and lemon juice. This potion will increase the length of your hair, and increase hair growth.

5. Coping with hair loss

Do you experience with hair loss. If this is your problem, immediately overcome with natural ingredients of lemon juice. Combine lemon juice with vinegar and salt. The combination of these three ingredients will solve your hair loss problems in a short time.

6. Your hair lice?

Lemon juice benefits to repel the lice. Lemon juice contains a lot of citric acid that are useful to cleanse your hair of lice. Not only ticks to be cleaned but also nits. Use a mixture of lemon juice with vinegar and apply it evenly on your hair.

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7. Condition Your Hair

Lemon is an easiest conditioner recipe. Combine lemon and coconut water. This material will soften your hair and maintain their health.

That’s 7 lemon juice benefits for hair health, may be useful and good luck

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