Effective Ways to Get Water Out of Your Ear

5 Effective Ways to Get Water Out of Your Ear

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The entry of water into the ear is not only caused by swimming. Bathing sometimes can also cause water to enter the ears. If water is trapped in the ear, the most important thing is how to get it out. As long as there is water in the ear you may feel a tingling sound, feel a strange sensation up to the jawbone or throat.

But calm down, removing water from the ear is not as difficult as you think. Here it is 12 ways to remove water trapped in the ear, hope it can help you.

How to Remove Water from Your Ear Canal

If this is what you feel, you can try several ways to get water out of the ear below.

1. Jiggle your earlobe

This is the first method, you are advised to shake your earlobe. Gently pull or shake your ear lobe, and tilt your head so that the ear opening is down. Tilt your ears towards your shoulders.

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2. Try the gravity system

Using this method, hopefully gravity can get the water out of your ears.

Lie on your side for a few minutes, put your head on a towel to absorb water. Maybe slowly the water will come out of your ear.

3. Create a vacuum

This is to create a vacuum to remove water from the ear. Try tilting your head to the side, resting your ears on your palms to catch the water.

Then, push your hands back and forth gently, do it quickly and tilt your head so that the water is easy to escape.

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4. Use a blow dryer

The heat from the hair dryer can help evaporate the water in it. However, set the hair dryer on the lowest temperature. This will evaporate water out of the ear canal.

Move the hair dryer up and down, pulling the ear lobe down and letting the hot air into the ear.

5. Put the water back in the ear

The next way to get water out of the ear is to put another water back into the ear. When the water has filled the ear space, then tilt your head so that the ears are down.

Slowly all the water from the ear will come out, and feel hot. This is a very easy and very effective way.

When the water is trapped in the ear hole, and we put the water again until it is full, then this water will merge with the trapped water, then when we tilt our ears down, the water will come out simultaneously.

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