Bad Habits That Lower Body's Metabolism

4 Bad Habits That Lower Body’s Metabolism

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Bad Habits That Lower Metabolism – The body’s metabolism play a role and duty to convert food into energy, in addition to the metabolism also plays a role in the use of the food you eat as optimal as possible so that your weight can remain ideal. The better your metabolism, the more calories are burned.

On the contrary, if the body’s metabolism slows down it will be many processes in the body are obstructed and delayed. More slowed metabolism, the more work the body are pending and can cause various health problems such as obesity. The slow body metabolism caused not only by genetics but also can occur because of the following bad habit.

4 Bad Habits that Lower Body’s Metabolism

1. Lack of sleep

Bad Habits That Lower Body's MetabolismThe Lack of sleep is a bad habit that is inappropriate maintained. Lack of sleep, according to a study can damage cells. This could lead to insulin resistance and lead to weight gain. This factor can also cause a reduction in the body’s metabolism.

2. Often not eat

Eating is an important activity for health. Body’s Metabolism uses the foods that you eat to produce energy for the body’s functions. So, if you too often do not eat the body’s metabolism will decrease.

3. Eating processed foods

Processed foods also can be confounding the body’s metabolism so that the body’s metabolic rate disturbed.

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4. Lack of drinking

A study showed that people who drink 12 glasses of water each day will have a faster metabolism and faster in burning calories anyways. People who drink less water have a slower metabolism.

That’s some bad habits that lower body’s metabolism. If you want your metabolism works optimally, avoid doing the habits above!

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