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16 White Radish Benefits for Health and nutritional content

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16 White Radish Benefits for Health – Radish is vegetables that utilized part of the tuber, such as carrots. Radish has a lot of variety, there is a white radish, purple, and red. On this occasion we will see what are the nutrients in white radish and white radish benefits to health.

Nutrient content can be found in white radish vegetable is as follows:

Nutritional content of Turnip White

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin B1
  • vitamin B2
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • Essential Oil
  • beta Carotene
  • niacin
  • Mangan
  • choline
  • Folic acid
  • calcium
  • iron
  • phosphorus
  • oxalic acid
  • crude fiber

White radish has white skin too, as well as other radishes. Radish including vegetables that can be eaten raw, like carrots are often made as a healthy snack. However, horseradish is also often used as an ingredient in cooking soup.

If you want to consume radish in salad form with a good crispness, first you have to soak radishes in ice water. It will make this salad vegetables will be crisp and good to eat.

Here are some white Radish benefits for Health

1. Benefits radish effectively treat fungal

Among the dominant content of the radish are an enzyme diastase, amylase, and enzymes esterases myrosinase. This substance will make a radish effective in killing fungal growth in the body. Not only kill the fungus, but this enzyme would also kill a variety of harmful substances such as viruses, and parasites that exist in our bodies efficiently.

2. Cure kidney stones

White radish benefits for health are also good for curing kidney stones. For these benefits, it is recommended that we consume radish regularly. Radish juice made more potent in treating and eliminating kidney stones than if radishes consumed in other forms. Besides can remove kidney stones, radish juice is also useful in the prevention of kidney stone formation.

According to the study, radish vegetable is one of the foods that was excellent to overcome a variety of renal disorders caused by kidney stones. For the treatment of kidney stones, you are advised to drink half a glass of radish juice every day. Consuming radish juice before eating has beneficial to dissolve kidney stones, prompting the release of kidney stones in the urine.

3. Overcoming dry skin and acne

White radish benefits for skin health has long been known to the public. Ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin B complex, phosphorus and zinc on white radish is needed to maintain the health of your skin. The water content is pretty much in the white radish will make your skin more moist and healthy. If the white radish juiced or blended, davit useful as a natural cleanser for your face.

The elements that are disinfectant on a white radish that has the benefit of eliminating the various problems that may occur on our skin problems are like dry skin, itchy skin, skin rashes, infections and skin problems such as skin scratches.

How To Use:

If you have acne on your face, you can take white radish as acne mask. This way will quickly remove acne. While the benefits of white radish by consuming it directly will help detoxify your body and help prevent acne. White radish also has antioxidants that will avoid the body from carcinogenic substances and protects the body from UV rays emitted by the sun.

4. Remove Dandruff
White radish benefits for dandruff. Hair problems such as hair loss, dandruff or oily hair many attacked anyone. One way that has been proven to eliminate the problem of hair is to use white radish as a hair mask. The content in the white radish is believed to prevent the release of excessive sebum oil production in the hair can be reduced.

How To Use:

Using white radish with mashed or blended and then applied to the hair is the best way to overcome the problem of hair. Do not forget to do massage slowly so that the content contained in radish can work optimally address the problem of hair. To overcome dandruff, use a hair mask on a white radish at night, leave, and rinsed in the morning.

Using white radish juice on the hair regularly in a long term will also impact very well on your hair. For example, the hair will be protected from loss and your hair will appear more lustrous.

5. Cure Liver problematic

Some studies show that the White radish benefits for health are enormous, like for liver health. These vegetables can help maintain the normality of function of the liver. The content in white radish can detoxify the liver and helps them to control bile and bilirubin. White radish can help release enzymes that will help prevent the liver from infection attacks that may occur and to help treat wounds or swelling in the liver.

6. Benefits of white radish to treat jaundice

For those who suffer from hepatitis, white radish can use for treating jaundice/hepatitis. The content of the white radish will remove the excessive bilirubin production. Jaundice will attack the production of red blood cells in the body, and white radish will fix these abnormalities with the oxygen carried by the substances contained in white radish. Besides tubers, leaves can also be used as a drug jaundice.

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7. Benefits White Radish For Piles

The hemorrhoid is a disease that is very disturbing on the anus. White radish can be an alternative treatment to cure hemorrhoids. In white radish contains many substances that are not easily digested. These elements will facilitate the digestive system and resist water and treat constipation. As we know that the main causes of hemorrhoids are constipation. If constipation is resolved, hemorrhoid will be eased and recovered.

8. Helps Cancer treatment

White radish benefit for health to treat cancer. White radish was also able to improve the treatment of cancer. Vitamin C, folic acid, and anthocyanins will detoxify free radicals and helps the effectiveness of various treatments to cure cancer. Cancers such as colon cancer, stomach cancer, and kidney cancer may be alleviated by the consumption of white radish juice.

9. Help Lose Weight

Have excessive body weight is certainly very disturbing for some people. Besides frightening appearance, excessive weight also will be bad for health. It is been proven if the weight becomes a factor causing many diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

Eat radish makes us satiety, and this will make us reduce the amount of food intake. Thus indirectly will help us control weight. Radishes will reduce hunger but without providing excessive caloric intake. Radish is also low in carbohydrates and plenty of water content.

10. Troubleshooting urination

White radish that naturally contains much water will help multiply the production of urine. If we’re having problems in urinating, white radish can serve as a natural remedy to cure the urinating problems. Besides, radishes will also help heal the inflammation and pain that may be experienced when you urinate. White radish will also help cleanse the kidneys and other organs associated with the system expenditure, especially urine.

11. Cure leukoderma

White radish benefits for health to cure leucoderma. Substances that are detoxifying and anti-carcinogenic in white radish will help heal leukoderma. In this case, radish seeds who can be very useful in the treatment of leucoderma. Radish seeds must first be crushed and mixed with vinegar and used on the skin is white.

These are white radish benefits for health. Expected to this health information can change our mind to like to eat radish vegetables, especially white radish.

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