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10 Health Benefits of Olive Oil And Its Nutrition Facts

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Health benefits of olive oil is tremendous and this is have proved for along time. Olive oil useful for many purpose such as culinary, health or beauty. Its extract come from olives that grown in Mediterranean. Not only use for health but also useful for beauty. So, we often find olive oil in many beauty product.

The nutrition in olive is much at all. It is makes this oil really useful for many benefits both for health and for beauty.

Olive Oil Nutrition Facts

Olive Oil Nutritional facts for Every 100 g.

(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)

PrincipleNutrient ValuePercentage of RDA
Energy884 Kcal44%
Carbohydrates0 g0%
Protein0 g0%
Total Fat100 g500%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Dietary Fiber0 g0%
Folates0 µg0%
Niacin0 mg0%
Pantothenic acid0 mg0%
Pyridoxine0 mg0%
Riboflavin0 mg0%
Thiamin0 mg0%
Vitamin A0 IU0%
Vitamin C00%
Vitamin E14.39 mg96%
Vitamin K60.2 µg50%
Sodium2 mg0%
Potassium1 mg0%
Calcium1 mg0%
Copper0 mg0%
Iron0.56 mg7 %
Magnesium0 mg0%
Manganese0 mg0%
Phosphorus0 mg0%
Selenium0 µg0%
Zinc0.01 mg<1%
Carotene-ß0 µg
Crypto-xanthin-ß0 µg
Lutein-zeaxanthin0 µg
Phytosterols221 mg

Some Health Benefits of Olive Oil

1. Moisturize your skin naturally

Dry skin is caused by less humidity. One best food for the skin is olive oil, vitamin E in olive is useful for keeping humidity in skin.

How to use olive oil:
Clean your face before wearing it, then apply before bedtime on the skin, be careful to avoid contact with eyes.

2. Preventing premature aging

Furthermore, the Health benefits of olive oil is huge in preventing aging. The linoleic acid content in olive oil will plays role in preventing this problem. Beside that, antioxidant contents in olive oil will keep the skin from exposure to UV radiation and eliminating free radicals.

3. Eliminate acne blemishes

The clean face is important for away from acne. Otherwise dirty face will be prone to acne. The acne not 100% caused by dirty face but also depend to other factors like hormone. However, maintaining the cleanliness of face is useful to minimize the causes of acne. After your acne is lost, you can use olive oil to clear acne blemishes on the face.

Remove stubborn acne naturally by using olive oil that have heat on fire (not too hot), then apply on acne blemishes for a regular basis.

4. Anti-Inflammatory

Olive oil contains many kinds of antioxidant, especially polyphenols, which is help protect cells from damage. These polyphenolic compounds are the anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists have done a research on the effects of these polyphenols. The result is olive oil is good for bone and digestive health. In another study shows that olive oil potentially to increase brain function and memory.

5. Control your blood pressure

The ability in controlling blood pressure is one of powerful health benefits of olive oil. Add olive oil to the daily diet for more than six months, which continues with the usual care can control your blood pressure.

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6. Contain good cholesterol

The health benefits of olive oil to keep good cholesterol. Olive oil is one of non-saturated oils. Its can help to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. However, in some studies indicate that other dietary oils such as sunflower oil and canola oil, allowing in decrease levels of LDL.

7. Prevent Cancer

Based on the research, extra virgin olive oil benefits to prevent cancer have proved by many people who consume it. Beside that, its also reduce the risk of the occurrence of colorectal cancer. In addition, women who like using olive oil any dishes also can reduce the reasonableness breast cancer.

8. Prevent Stroke

Recent study shows that people consume olive oil regularly can lower the risk of stroke in elderly than who not taking it at all. Although this research is observational, its directly do to objects that consume olive or not.

Medical health benefits olive oil not only as mentioned above, because olive oil is also suitable for aromatherapy. Olive oil also useful for massage oil.

Other health benefits of olive oil is for baby. This oil contains a fatty acid called oleic acid. Its makes your skin be soft and supple and also increase humidity. But if your baby  suffer from skin problems such as eczema, using olive oil can be dangerous so its not recommended.

Baby has a smooth skin and thinner than adult skin. So,  olive oil is good for baby’s skin. Let we see some benefits of olive oil for babies.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil for Baby

9. Useful to eliminate constipation

The health benefits of olive oil for baby to remove constipation.

  1. Baby’s digestive system is still not perfect and still extremely sensitive to changes in diet. Therefore, it is not normal for a baby if he is experiencing in constipation or diarrhea every few weeks. Olive oil can be useful as a digestive stimulant, which regulates the stomach and helps relieve constipation naturally.
  1. If you give a formula for your baby, there is a possibility he could suffer from constipation. If that happens, use olive oil to cope it. Formula is more difficult to digest than milk, which is why the baby could suffer from constipation. Beside that, if it’s your first time to introduce solid foods for baby, your baby may be experiencing digestive problems.
  1. For a variety of problems that occur on your baby, make sure to consult with your doctor first.

health benefits of olive oil for baby

10. Olive oil for skin problems

Extra virgin olive oil benefits for overcome skin problems in baby. Usually, massage your baby using olive oil is not a good idea, but in some cases the use of olive oil could help to improve skin health and overcome some skin problems.

  • Diaper rash: Olive oil is one of the best natural remedies to cope with diaper rash and some other skin problems on your baby. Combine 2 parts olive oil and 1 part water and apply on the baby’s skin that suffering from diaper rash.
  • Head lice: Olive oil can cope with lice. So, for owners of hair lice, just use olive oil as a moisturizing hair.

Other benefits of taking olive in baby

Beside all mentioned above, olive oil believed can help in handling a variety of other health conditions.

  • Olive oil has a fatty acid composition that is quite similar to human milk.
  • Many studies have revealed that olive oil has a positive impact on the growth of the baby and can help the development of bones and muscles.
  • The content of vitamin E in olive oil may help mothers through pregnancy and childbirth with a lighter.
  • Consumption of olive oil can protect your baby against conditions such as hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis.
  • Olive oil is believed to help prevent kidney and pancreas in premature infants.
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