health benefits of red guava fruit

10 Health Benefits of Red Guava Fruit

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Health benefits of red guava fruit – Guava is a fruit that is loaded with nutrition and a variety of important substances for health purposes. The red guava can easily get in Indonesia because the guava plant can grow in tropical climates, even flourish.

The health Benefits of red guava fruit has many proven. One is to increase stamina and platelets. This benefit is very important for pregnant women, and for patients with dengue fever.

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10 Health Benefits of red guava fruit

1. The content of vitamin C in guava very much. Excellent source of Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that is important for the body. The body needs the content of vitamin C for the formation of collagen synthesis. The benefits of collagen as protein needed by the body in maintaining the integrity of the blood vessels, skin, bones and other organs.

2. The benefits of red guava for digestive health. It has been proven by the many natural fiber contents in guava. Useful fibers to smooth bowel movement and ease bowel movements in removing toxins in the body. Also, red guava fruit is also rich in vitamin B complex, so it is useful to maintain a healthy body.

3. Lowering high blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the health problems that are very dangerous, because, in some cases these disorders can lead to death. Benefits of guava in lowering blood pressure also already known and proven. High potassium in the red guava fruit may stabilize the blood and prevent high blood pressure.

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4. Maintain the function of the thyroid gland. Benefits of red guava are also able to maintain thyroid health. Copper content that contained on guava fruit has been proven to be effective for the thyroid gland, in the event of disruption of the thyroid gland, it will cause the emergence of serious diseases and dangerous.

5. Assisting the absorption of nutrients. The content of manganese in red guava is very important for the body to absorb various nutrients.

6. Treating dengue fever. Symptoms of dengue fever are characterized by the declining health of red blood cells (platelets), red beach appears on the skin and causes sufferers dizziness and nausea. In some cases, DHF patients will experience bleeding.

Health benefits of red guava fruit to treat dengue evidenced by the many iron content. This iron will help the formation of new blood cells, so the cells are broken will be replaced with new cells.

7. Guava is rich in magnesium is highly efficacious for relaxation, so it can help the muscles relax the nerves in the body. Also, consumption of red guava fruit after a day of activity can restore the lost stamina.

8. The benefits of red guava fruit for brain health. The content of vitamin B3 and B6 contained in red guava fruit is very useful in maintaining brain function utilizing blood circulation.

9. Red guava fruit is also very beneficial for maintaining healthy skin. Vitamin C, beta-carotene and antioxidants that are a very high role in maintaining healthy skin. Consuming red guava will make skin brighter, softer and away from skin disorders such as acne, dry skin, oily skin and other skin disorders.

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10. As Healthy snacks. Benefits of red guava can also be a substitute for fast food snacks. Consuming guava, besides getting the health value can also feel the crispy with its own delights. If you want to eat as a snack, choose which almost ripe guava, in order to feel crunchy.

That’s some of the health benefits of red guava fruit. Hopefully with the various benefits of this, we like to be able to make guava fruit.

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